All five species are here in Ketchikan.

We are located in the middle of the two hottest salmon fishing grounds in Ketchikan;

Mountain Point to the south, 10 minutes;

Clover Pass to the north; 15 minutes.

Ketchikan is such a great fishing destination because of its proximity to the grounds and protected waters. You can choose your fishing trips to coincide with the wind direction and stay out of the chop. 


The best part of a do it yourself trip is that the quota for Halibut is raised to two per day with no size limitation. The best grounds are to the south about 20 miles and more away and that requires good weather with no big blows. 

Anchor line and a buoy lift system are provided on the boat as well as gaff and harpoon for the big one.


Dungeness crab

Pots for crab as well as bait are here for your use and a 15 minute run on your fist night should have you with a crab boil the next day.

We have a heavy duty cooker and they are good eating as well as really fun and easy to catch.